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Stay Put

Parents of students eligible for special education and related services have several procedural protections available to them. One of the most important of these procedural protections is the ability to invoke “Stay Put” of the last agreed upon Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

If your school district proposes changes to your child’s IEP with which you do not agree and you file for Due Process and/or Mediation within 15 days of the District proposing those changes you can invoke “Stay Put” of the last agreed upon IEP. This means that pending judicial decision or resolution to the dispute the District is prohibited from implementing the changes it proposed to your child’s educational program.

You can invoke stay put to prevent a change to your child’s program, placement or classification for special education.

It is important to remember that voicing your objection to proposed changes, even if done in writing to your district, will not avail you of Stay Put protection. The only way to invoke Stay Put is to file for Due Process and/or Mediation.