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WHEN ADHD GOES BAD by Robert M. Tudisco, Esq.

Parents dread receiving a call from the school notifying them that their child has gotten into serious trouble and faces disciplinary measures requiring suspension, expulsion, or even criminal prosecution. When the child has a disability such as attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) and one or more co-occurring conditions, the chances of getting that call are much […]


The first day of the new school year is an exciting time for many children and their families.  And for some families, the beginning of the school year can be the cause of understandable anxiety and numerous questions. When a child is struggling in the district, whether because of learning challenges, behavioral concerns, social difficulties, […]

A Review of: “SIBLING SUPPORT: THE OTHER CHILD A Panel Discussion About the Dynamics of The Special Needs Family”

A wonderful evening was had by all who attended the Siblings panel at the Shames JCC on the Hudson on June 15th! The lively participation of all our audience members was elemental to the success of the discussion! We first heard from our two Sibling panelists, Paulina Paras & Nicholas Lombardi, who shared their experiences […]

Access by Students with Disabilities to Accelerated Programs by Lori M. Gaines, Esq.

There is a common misunderstanding by school districts that if students with disabilities meet school district requirements to enroll in accelerated programs they should not be entitled to receive the accommodations, modifications and specialized instruction called for in their IEPs. This misunderstanding is devastating to the students they impact. I recently had a potential client […]