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Phyllis J. Lombardi, Client Relations

Phyllis J. Lombardi is a mother of 2 beautiful boys one with autism, wife of her childhood sweetheart and special needs advocate.  Phyllis has spent the last 15 years helping others in the special needs community while working towards giving her son the best opportunity to a happy, successful, and rewarding life.  Phyllis is very passionate about, and dedicated to the special needs  community in Westchester County.  Thirteen years ago, Phyllis began her advocacy in the area with the creation of the Ardsley Special Needs Committee for the Ardsley School District, which continues to thrive under her leadership.  She is a board member, and has been for the last 13 years, of the Hudson Valley Family Advisory Council, as well as Special Education Region Chairperson of the Westchester East Putnam Region PTA, and Westchester ARC, and is the administrator of one of Westchester’s most active Facebook pages, the “Special Mom’s Network”.  Phyllis has also worked with the Westchester Institute For Human Development as a L.E.N.D. fellow family mentor for 12 years and helped create and launch their building bridges program.  She is also a founding member of the Healthy Home Company where she educates others, in particular, the special needs community on the dangers of toxins in our homes, offering replacement options.  Phyllis also distributes information to our communities through a powerful email distribution list of hundreds of special needs advocates and families.


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